Privacy Policy




dwra.neti is committed to respecting and protecting individuals’ privacy rights. This Privacy Policy explains how Ltd, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies (collectively, “” or “we”, “us”, “our”) collect, use, secure, and/or disclose end users’ (“you” or “your”) device-related information when (i) you view ads served by on third party websites or mobile apps (see the section below called “ Ad Network”), and (ii) you visit the dwra.neti website at (see section below called “ Website”).

Any content aggregation services or feature (such as displaying of stories, articles, pictures, blogs etc.) (whether through an app or other software integration) provided by InMobi on a device will not be covered under this Privacy Policy, except to the extent the app or software promotes any interest based advertising by InMobi. We urge you to refer the privacy policy of such services separately, as and when made available.


2.1 WHAT IS THE AD NETWORK? is a global ad network with a suite of ad tech products. We partner with third-party mobile website publishers and mobile app developers to serve ads on their sites and in their apps, and may also serve ads on the site and mobile applications that owns. These ads may be customised to their users’ interests and geographic locations, which we may derive or infer from information that we collect about how those users interact with such sites and apps (this type of advertising is often called “interest-based advertising” or “targeted advertising”). This enables our partnering publishers and developers to provide content-rich services that are more relevant to their users, often using the advertising revenues they generate to offer their services for free or at a subsidised cost. Further, we may also obtain user data from our data partners, advertisers and/or advertisers’ partners for optimising digital advertising and/or analytical purposes including to provide relevant advertising and reporting. Please note that collection, use or storage of such data is governed by the privacy policy of such third party partners and/or advertisers providing the same. may engage in cross-device data collection, which refers to the process of collecting data from devices that have been determined through statistical analysis to be linked or related. We, or third parties whom we engage to provide this service, may use cross-device data to provide interest-based advertising services and to deliver tailored ads to users across multiple devices.