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White Lightning II

White Lightning II” is powered by two electric motors with controllers and a complex 420 volt battery pack. The two alternating current electric motors are controlled through sophisticated power electronics units, all of which fit neatly into a space that would typically be occupied by a V-8 engine and it’s fuel system.   The two 150-kilowatt rated motors provide roughly the equivalent of 400 horsepower.                      

The motors and controllers were designed by AC Propulsion Inc. founder Alan Cocconi, who also helped design the original GM Impact electric vehicle, which evolved into the automaker’s current EV-1 electric production car.

Moltech Power Systems of Gainesville, FL (904-462-3911) built the rechargeable “Sub-C” size NiMH. power cells that drive the motors of White Lightning II

On each of the land speed record runs, White Lightning II willl be required to run full power for about 110 seconds as 20 battery packs containing 6,040 batteries (each battery weighing 1/10th of a pound) push a powerful electric charge (800 – 1000 Amps) through the motors